Faced with high levels of urbanism and changes in values the city of 2025 will look different to that of today. The urban landscape has already been stimulated by modern ideas with new emphasis being placed on green space in the built up envelope. The ‘Vital City’ is merely one example which explores future city models defined as interconnected and dense, maintaining a sense of place while encouraging good health and wellbeing while also encouraging social cohesion. 

A distinct consideration is the emerging advances in technology and its impact on the cityscape. We are steadily being told that hyper-connectivity is the future and only positives should be drawn from its impending inclusion. However as city-life speeds up and further developments are had with the urning for social media we should also consider the impact on mental and physical health. The term city-break is more and more commonly being coined with weekends away from the machine that is city-life being taken. The change in architectural values moving to a more sustainable outlook with more attention being placed on green space (a symbol of relaxation). Emphasis is now being placed on health and social interactionl cornerstones of quality of life. 

This proposal questions whether hyper-connectivity is a utopia of architecture and a quality of the ‘Vital City’ by creating areas of hyper-disconnectivity through pavilions and interventions that shall be placed across a city allowing the public to visit. The scheme creates a black hole to the connected network. A place away which can be readily recognised as a place for human interaction via different activities. 

This program looks to create a social space in the THIRD SPACE between home and work in areas of high footfall which forces human interaction by blocking out phone signals stopping commuters from ‘looking down’ and instead look at their surroundings. This proposal focuses on main transport hubs before it begins to contemplate other areas within the cityscape. 

The long term vision of this scheme would be to have a networks of these connected sites across the cities. 





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