M(Arch) I - Extreme Consumerism

University of Greenwich \\ Unit 18

Tutors - Pascal Bronner & Thomas Hillier

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An Iceberg Solution for London's Freshwater Shortage

Humanity faces a number of threatening issues to our ways of life and one, which is at the forefront, is the planets ever dwindling natural resources. Water is the most crucial natural resource to our very survival and yet it has been over looked, priorities have changed and society now cares more about the next material item rather than centralistic consumerables like freshwater as it is just expected that we will always have it. 

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Technical and Strategic Report

A thorough report documenting the project's outline and motive. The Report covers planning routes, site opportunities and constraints as well as the professional strategy of choice. The document analyses the intended construction strategy as well as the environmental and sustainability impacts of the building longterm.

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