M(Arch) II - Non Specific Urbanism 2.0

University of Greenwich \\ Unit 19

Tutors - John Bell & Simon Miller

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The Faraday Festival

Faced with high levels of urbanism and changes in values the city of 2025 will look different to that of today. The urban landscape has already been stimulated by modern ideas with new emphasis being placed on green space in the built up envelope. The ‘Vital City’ is merely one example which explores future city models defined as interconnected and dense, maintaining a sense of place while encouraging good health and wellbeing while also encouraging social cohesion. 

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The Floating Republic of China

This proposal presents itself as an ornamentation of the Belt & Road Initiative and a potential hyperbole of China's vision. The proposal is a self-sufficient water-based settlement centred around infrastructure which incorporates an embassy, a port and energy based structures. The architecture intends to press its will on the cities where it situated taking control over time as China looks to reach its end goal redirecting trade and power through its nation.

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Contemporary Approaches to Marine Urbanism

My research dissects existing studies, technologies and methods focusing on waterbased structures and looks to apply them in the form of an original outline design. This paper looks to conceptualise water as an alternative to ‘terra firma’ for a new plane of construction. It will scrutinise the various technical challenges that arise and summarise how one can achieve a suitable design through comprehensive analysis of key determinants. It will rationalise the concept of a floating city by discussing core topics such as scale, stability, fluid mechanics, buoyancy, materiality, and connectivity while also analysing the possible implications of contrasting and fluctuating climatic conditions.

(Christopher) Harry L Clarke

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